Places to Visit
While at convention, visit the following Zonta booths before and after sessions.

Entrance Lobby
You will register and pick up your credentials if you are a voting delegate in the entrance lobby. You can also visit the Yokohama Tourism Desk for information about exploring the city and the Information Desk for lost and found items and other general information.

Marine Lobby
Foundation Booth
Visit the Zonta International Foundation Booth to make your first contribution of the 2018-2020 Biennium. You will receive an "I gave" pin for a donation of US$25 and you can add your sticker(s) to your district board.
Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign Booth
Meet a CAEC Committee member or regional representative to learn more about how to participate in the endowment campaign.
Centennial Anniversary Booth
Visit the Centennial Anniversary Booth to learn more about the plans for Zonta's 100-year anniversary. 
Chicago 2020 Booth
Visit the Chicago 2020 booth for a photo opportunity and preview of the centennial celebration in Chicago.

Make sure to visit the Zonta Store for official Zonta-branded jewelry, apparel and much, much more. Pick something up for yourself and bring gifts home for Zonta friends who were not able to attend convention. You will also find unique merchandise and gifts sold by Japanese Zonta clubs in the Marketplace and you can reserve your seats for the Gala Dinner at the Gala Dinner Searing Desk.