Delegates, Alternates, Proxies

Delegates are key participants in the 2018 Convention. By taking part in the decision-making process, they make sure the club’s voice is heard at convention.

It is very important that the delegate(s) and alternate(s):
  • • Familiarize themselves with the Zonta International 64th convention website, and check for continuous updates.
  • • Register in a timely manner for the Convention.
  • • The number of delegate(s) a club is entitled to is according to bylaws Article X Section 4. Alternates take the place of the delegates in case the delegates are hindered in participation, therefore both delegate(s) and alternate(s) have to be registered.
  • • Understand the Zonta International Bylaws and all the documents that will be discussed and voted on at Convention.
  • • Participate in training sessions specially allocated for them and in all business sessions.
  • • Collect and return voting machines according to the instructions given in the training session.
  • • Report back to the club the results of the Convention.

Club presidents are required to report the club delegate (and alternate and proxy). Additional information regarding registering delegates, alternates and proxies will be made available in early February. All credentialing forms will be sent to all club leaders in the 2018 March Club Mailing. 

Credentialing will officially open in April 2018. 

Click here to read more about the upcoming credentialing process: Thinking Ahead: Convention Voting Members and Credentialing Process